Full Terms & Conditions

Chance of winning up to 10,000.

2 per week per line to enter.

Players pick 5 numbers of their own choice from 1 to 59*.

Bonus ball will be the one drawn from the national lottery main draw on a Wednesday and Saturday (Main draw numbers do not count as bingo numbers).

The winning line will be the first line completed**.

Players can add lines after a draw has started but numbers already drawn will not count.***

*(repeated numbers are allowed on the same line although only one number can be marked off per draw)

**(the jackpot will be shared equally if more than one winning line).

Anyone with 10+ lines played per week can become an agent.
Agents who have a member with a winning line will receive an agent's premium equivalent to 10% of the player's win.
An agent with 20+ lines played per week will receive a free hospitality day per season.
An agent with 40+ lines played per week will receive a free hospitality day for 2 people per season.
Agents may also be entered into an agents only draw (e.g. lat Saturday per month)

Hurlford United FC will be the promoter for the "Bonus Ball Bingo" game.

An agent will be anyone collecting regularly from a player of the "Bonus Ball Bingo" game with playing lines (in total) of no less than 10 lines per week.

Once the jackpot limit is reached. Any subsequent prize money will carry over into the pot for the next game which will commence on the first draw following a jackpot win.

Payment for each line to be paid in advance of draw to agent or promoter allowing sufficient time for entry (5pm on the day of draw at the latest).

Age Limit
Players must be aged 16 or over to play.

Winning Lines
It is down to each player to check their own numbers, although they will also be monitored by the agent and the promoter. It is intended to allow this to be viewed by all players if required. The promoter will also aim to publish (in advance of the next draw) any line(s) (and numbers) waiting on a single number to win their line. Winners will be announced as soon as possible (once verified) after the conclusion of the National lottery draw.
Winning players and agents (if applicable) will be invited to attend a home game following any jackpot win in order to present and promote the Bonus Ball Bingo.

Hospitality days
Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we are unable to confirm at present when hospitality days will be available.

Data Protection
All players details will be registered with the agent and the promoter to allow contact with the player in the event of the player matching a winning line.
No player's address or contact number details will be provided to any third party and will not be accessible by anyone other than the agent and the promoter.